Expertise with strategic vision


A facilitator on global level, that’s qualified engineer. Gebhard Lehmann in a nutshell. He knows exactly which strategic buttons to push in multinational projects. With his internationally-honed forthcoming attitude he blazes new trails and facilitates connections vital to the success of your project – regardless of where you are in the world you do business.

Overview of GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking’s business portfolio

  • Project development

    Do you have new ideas for a lucrative international business venture? The expertise offered by GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking can help you to get your project on track right from the outset.

  • M&A support

    Corporate mergers and acquisitions open up countless new possibilities. Gebhard Lehmann can help you find the best opportunities for you, circumnavigating any potential risks in the process.

  • Consultation and analyses for market access in Asia/China

    In Asia and China different rules and etiquette apply. With its wealth of experience GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking can save you a considerable amount work and help you create a successful brand image.

  • Helping Chinese firms go global

    Already conquered the Chinese market and want to expand into other international markets too? GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking can put its ear to the ground for you and supply the information necessary to ensure your international expansion is a success from the outset.

  • Finding investors

    Have you found the right backers for your next international venture? Use Gebhard Lehmann’s network to find reliable investors and present your project with conviction to secure financing.

  • Product localisation in China

    Have you got a successful product that you want to launch on the Chinese market? Let GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking help you determine the localisation measures necessary for exporting your success to China.

Current projects and cooperation opportunities


Cooperation with Chinese companies interested in investing in Germany
Are you looking for an international partner to help you invest in or expand into Germany? Qualified engineer Gebhard Lehmann (Dipl. Ing. grad.) can connect you with Chinese partners who want to invest their capital wisely in Germany.


Partners sought for international infrastructure projects
Do you want to be part of an international infrastructure project? GEBHARD LEHMANN consulting and networking has access to decision-makers in upcoming projects and can bring you to the table with them.


Product development in the coal mining industry
Do you specialise in coal mining? Qualified engineer Gebhard Lehmann (Dipl. Ing. Grad.) is looking for highly-qualified and reliable partners for upcoming international coal mining projects.


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